Parking & Transportation : Parking Fees

Parking Fees

Faculty, staff, and student monthly parking rates vary according to the fee table below. Full-time faculty and staff pay by payroll deduction. Bi-weekly paid employees are deducted from the second check of each month. Full-time students pay by cash or check on a quarterly basis. Part-time students and employees pay monthly by cash or check.

Parking may be paid by cash or check ONLY! Full time employees with benefits pay via payroll deduction. See pre-tax information below.

Pre-Tax Payroll Deduction Information

Full time employees will have their parking deducted from their paycheck. This means your contributions are deducted from your pay before federal and social security taxes are calculated. This benefit can increase your spendable income. The actual cost of your parking is less than if you paid for it with after-tax dollars. The amount of your payments is not included as taxable income on your W-2. This means your taxable income is lower and you pay less in federal taxes, but this can affect the amounts your dependents or you receive from Social Security.

Fee Structure by parking area

Garage / Lot Salary <$35,000 Student Salary >$35,000
14th Street Garage (CRB) $48.151 $58.85 $67.682
15th Street Garage $48.151 $58.85 $67.682
BPEI Lots $42.801 N/A $49.222
Highland Garage $77.832 $77.83 $77.832
Jackson Towers $77.832 $77.83 $77.832
Lennar Garage (Ponce) $21.331 N/A $42.581
Park Plaza East $77.832 $77.83 $77.832
Park Plaza West $77.832 $77.83 $77.832
V.A. Lot $63.682 $63.68 $63.682
Life Science and Technology Park (LSTP) Lot $42.802 $42.80 $49.222
Daily Parking Passes (JMH Lots ONLY) $5.07 each – maximum 10 per month2
1Rate includes 7% Florida sales tax
2Rate includes 15% City of Miami surcharge and 7% Florida sales tax