Emergencies - What to Do?! : Explosion


Explosions can be triggered by natural, chemical, electrical, magnetic, mechanical or nuclear reactions. There is the potential for great personal injury, as well as the damage and destruction of property in any explosion.


If you are within a building that experienced an explosion:

  • Evacuate the building through the nearest exit.
  • As you evacuate:
    • Assist persons with disabilities
    • Stay away from anything that could fall on you
    • Open doors carefully
    • Do not use elevators
  • Do not move a victim unless there is an immediate threat to life.
  • Once outside, stay at least 300 feet away from the building.
  • Follow directions issued by emergency responders.

If you are notified that an explosion took place elsewhere on campus:

  • Assess situation and decide whether to evacuate or shelter-in-place.
  • Stay away from affected area.
  • Follow directions issued through the Emergency Notification Network (ENN) or by emergency responders.
  • Only call 911 if you have important and relevant information.
  • Get additional information by visiting www.miami.edu/enn or calling the Emergency Information & Rumor Control Hotline: 305-243-6079